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Pure Water Brand Steam-Distillations Systems
MillerWater offers our customers the highest quality Pure Water brand distillation systems for the home and office on the market today. Pure Water brand pioneered stainless steel drinking water distillation systems almost 40 years ago, and they are still number one!

15 Year Warranty
We warranty our distillation systems for the home and office for 15 years, because we feel confident that they will last for 25 years. Pure Water brand is this confident because all of our distillation systems are of stainless steel construction, inside and out, and we only use the finest components. On top of this, all of our distillation systems are made in the USA, by the finest workers in the world.

Not only does Pure Water have the highest quality systems on the market, we have the most aggressive R&D in the industry! Pure Water has the newest and most attractive designs and the most consumer-friendly features of any drinking water system on the market today!

Click here to see the independent lab test results on the efficiency of our distillers.

MillerWater customizes each home and office setup to your individual needs, please call us for a consultation at (775) 358-1900!

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