Mini_Classic II
Mini-Classic II
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Mini-Classic II
Portable Distiller
The Pure Water Mini-Classic II can produce 3 liters of water in a 3 and a half hour cycle. This manually filled distiller is compact and portable which makes it perfect for a single user, small family, or use in a camper, RV or taken to a second home.


The Pure Water Mini-Classic II is constructed of top-quality, stainless steel
to provide years of dependable service with a minimum of care. It is air cooled and equipped with a unique timer to stop automatically at the end of each distilling cycle.
Mini-Classic II
The unit has continuous self-sterilization when in operation and is equipped with a removable boiling tank for easy filling and cleaning. A safety shutoff switch turns the unit off should it ever overheat. The unit stores neatly on a countertop for your convenience, but while in operation, the top should be clear of any obstruction to allow for proper air circulation.
Each Pure Water distiller is complete with twin vents to allow volatile gases to escape. Additionally, a carbon post filter is included to aid in the removal of any organic or inorganic gas carryover and to improve taste. The charcoal filter pillow is housed in a stainless steel filter cup, so your distilled water never comes into contact with plastic!

Included with each Mini-Classic II is a one-gallon, glass container. This handy dispenser comes with a handle and pour-through lid. This container is used to collect the distilled water and is a perfect fit in your refrigerator.

Glass Storage Jar
Through the Hydrologic Cycle, ocean water is evaporated by the sun and condensed into clouds, which then precipitates into pure rainwater. Our Pure Water distillers duplicate this natural process inside the appliance.
One Regular tap water is poured into the boiling tank.
Two A heating element boils the contaminated water and the steam rises.
Three The steam passes into the condensing coil, and the impurities are left behind in the boiling tank to be discarded.
Four A fan cools the steam and converts it to pure, distilled water.
Five The water is then collected in a one gallon glass container for easy storage.
Mini-Classic II Diagram
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