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AquaTank - 30 Gallon
AquaTank II Storage
AquaTank II
Emergency Water Storage Containers
Sizes Offered: 30, 60, 150, 300 Gallons
The Aquatank II tanks are perfect for heavy duty applications when the Aquatank I may not be strong enough. The previous models were designed to stay put after filling. The Aquatank II, in most applications, can be transported in an SUV, truck, RV or trailer, even when it has water in it, without the risk of damaging the unit. There are certain precautions that must be taken before moving. AquaTank
The material used for the Aquatank II, is made from a heavy duty polyurethane coated nylon that is suitable for potable water. This material is highly puncture resistant, durable and flexible. It will not wrinkle, crease or crack. When not in use the Aquatank II can be folded or rolled up to store easily and compactly (takes up about 9" x 15" x 2").

If you need increased strength and durability, transportation or standardized connections the AquaTank II is right for you.

MillerWater offers the Aquatank and the new improved version, the Aquatank II tanks to our customers at affordable pricing.
Available Sizes:
Gallons: Price: Add To Cart:
30 $115.99
60 $120.99
150 $175.99
300 $235.99
Compact and easily stored. When not in use this item can be folded or rolled up to take up almost no storage space.
Dimensions When Full:
30 Gal.: 3' X 3'
60 Gal.: 3' X 4'
150 Gal.: 4' X 6'
300 Gal.: 4.5' X 12'
AquaTank - 30 Gallons
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