MillerWater is a distributor of
Pure Water brand Distillers & IONWays Water Ionizers Drinking Water Systems for the home or office.
Our corporate office is located in the Reno, Nevada area.
MillerWater is a family-owned business and our primary purpose is to provide the cleanest, safest, drinking water possible for the residents of Northern Nevada. We set out to find the purest source of drinking water for our family
and found it. After taking care of the family, we decided to share what we’ve learned with our community.

Following intensive research and education on the subject, we learned two extremely simple but vital facts: one, our drinking water is contaminated and two, we can do something about it. MillerWater provides an affordable solution through the sale and/or rental of Pure Water steam-distillation systems for residential and commercial use.

We provide complete installation, maintenance, and repair service for all Pure Water equipment and systems. Steam-distilled water is the gold standard for purity
Demineralized Ice Provided by MillerWater
and is accepted by top doctors, dentists,
nutritionists, and scientists around the world as the preferred choice for consumable water.
Steam-distilled water is recommended by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the American Red Cross as the most acceptable method for treating biologically contaminated water, providing the ultimate protection from bacteria, chemicals, and toxins. Nearly 40 years of excellence in manufacturing and distribution worldwide has gone into Pure Water distillation systems.
Inside MillerWater's Water Store
Over 100 US Embassies use Pure Water products to produce pure, safe drinking water for all of their employees. No other system or method of water purification can provide the same degree of security in our drinking water.

MillerWater is the Pure Water and IONWays Distributor in northern Nevada and has a complete line of Pure Water and IONWays products available for the Community.
Contact us to find out how to purchase PureWater Brand Steam-Distillers,
IonWays Alkaline Water Ionizers, Premium Steam-Distillation Appliances for Dentists, Xango Products, Xango Juice, and their Eleviv Products, water storage containers, storage jars, hot/cold dispensers, and all other drinking water supplies for the Community.

We at MillerWater look forward to serving the needs of the Community by making available the Optimum in pure drinking water. Please direct all inquiries to us through our Contact Us Form or call us directly at (775) 358-1900.
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